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Chrysophrys pagrus
or Pagrus auratus

The taxonomic status of this species is being debated, and it may be referred to as either Pagrus auratus or Chrysophrys auratus.

Colloquial names (NZ): reds, bream, brim (small snapper), & Schnapper*

*(Sometimes erroneously spelt as Schnapper; usually in restaurants where they cover the poor fish in fancy sauces so the taste is anything but fish, and charge even fancier prices.)

Similar to the sea bream of the Atlantic, but no relation to the true snappers of tropical and subtropical waters.

Found in New Zealand and Australia (Chrysophrys pagrus), and in Philippines, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Japan if included under Pagrus auratus.

Average Size 30-50cm, reaching over 80cm. Weight to 18kg (40lb). Probably New Zealand's favourite sport and table fish. Tough fighters and absolutely delicious to eat.

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