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Stories, articles and books from over 45 years writing about fishing - time sure flies when doing what you like doing.


My blog is updated about every two or three days, often more, except when I am away fishing somewhere - funny that.
It is a good way of keeping up with changes on this site, and what is happening in the fishing world.

Articles & Stories

Fly-fishing Articles
Stories and articles, pre-dominantly about fly fishing in New Zealand. The stories range from how-to, to the weird and wonderful. Although most of the articles are on fishing in New Zealand, the techniques will, and have worked anywhere.

Saltwater Fishing Articles
Stories, articles and how-to's from New Zealand saltwater fishing, from inshore to out-wide for big game fish. Again the techniques will work anywhere in the world.

General Fishing Articles
Stories and articles about fishing in general, life, the universe, and the whole damn fishing thing.

Bish's Books

Unfortunately the Publisher of my books has closed so my books are currently unavailable. I am working to produce web based, and updated, versions of the books.

'Fishing Even Smarter
My first book - 'Fishing Smarter, The Thinking Fisherman's Guide To Saltwater Fishing In New Zealand' was reprinted at least once every year until...

Fishing Smarter was completely rewritten as 'Fishing Even Smarter', which has over 50% more pages, with all new, clear diagrams and illustrations.

'Starting Smarter - Fishing for Trout'
My latest trout fishing book, aimed squarely at fishermen new to the sport. It is written in a clear way, devoid of jargon, and should help new fishermen get started and begin to catch fish quickly.

'Fishing -Starting Smarter'
A book designed to get the new fisherman catching fish as soon as possible. Aimed at the new saltwater Fisherman.

'Tips & Tricks to Catch More Fish '
The third book, and back to salt water fishing. The title says it all.

'Fishing Smarter for Trout
A book in which I have tried very hard to avoid much of the jargon and downright dogma that pervades too many fly-fishing books.

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Grip and Kill

Bad grip

The way a trout is held when taking a photo, (aka 'Grip and grin'), can easily turn into 'grip and kill' if the fish is not handled carefully and correctly.

The area above the pectoral fins, (the fins just behind and below the gills) contains the fish's heart and other organs; too great a pressure applied to this area can lead to the death of the fish.

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