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Answers to Your Questions on Saltwater Fishing and Fly-Fishing

The questions on this page have been either sent to me by email or were searched for via the search facility on this site, or search engines.

Questions are sorted alphabetically (mostly :) - but with a few frequently asked questions (FAQ) at the top.

Some words (in brackets and italics) are intentionally misspelt to match common misspellings when searching.

Language and spelling is UK English, with a little bit of Kiwi thrown in.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

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Milly & Ted's Big Day Out Fishing


They'd ‘had words’. Their faces and body language told the story, even to a casual observer.

Onlookers, and there were a good few of us, studied clouds to see if we could find faces in them, or did a detailed inspection of our shoe laces to make sure they remained tied, trying to stifle laughter.

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