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Fishing Books by Tony Bishop (Bish)

Unfortunately, the publisher of my books has closed down. I am working at bringing some of the books (suitably up-dated) as e-books, and available free here.

Fishing Even Smarter book cover

Fishing Even Smarter

Tony's first book, Fishing Smarter was first published in 1997, and was reprinted at least once a year for 8 years. In 2006 Tony completely rewrote the original book and added over 50% more content.

Some changes are simply updates brought about by changes in the technology and equipment. There is plenty of new material too – new stuff that pops up continually in the fishing world as fishermen share their knowledge. [ More ]

Tips And Tricks to Catch More Fish

Tips & Tricks to Catch More Fish

In life, as in fishing;" If we continue doing things the same way as we have always done them, we will always get the same results."

If anglers want to catch more or bigger fish than they are catching now, then something about the way they fish must change. This book seeks to explore the things that fishermen who catch more and bigger fish do that make them more successful. [More]

Fishing Smarter for Trout Book Cover

Fishing Smarter for Trout

"Here is a piece of information all fishermen need to know - at any one time, trout are found in less than 10% of the water they live in - often in much less than 10%. This is an important piece of information. In any river, stream or lake only 10 percent or less of the all that water will contain trout."

If you want to become one of the 10% of fishermen who catch 90% of the fish you need to know where trout can be found more often, and then how to fish for them, when you find them. [More]

Starting Smarter Fishing For Trout - book cover

Starting Smarter - trout Fishing

This book is aimed at new trout anglers. It contains all the information that you will need to start catching fish.
It covers the equipment you need to set up for fly fishing, where to find trout, and the techniques you need to put a fly in the right place to hook a trout.
There are plenty of tips and tricks to help you on your way. [More]

Starting Smarter Fishing in Saltwater book cover

Starting Smarter - Fishing

Aimed at new fishermen this book contains all the information that you will need to start catching fish.
It covers rigs and tackle, knots, what baits to use and how to rig them, and what to look for when selecting places to fish.
There are plenty of tips and tricks to help you on your way. [More]

fish gaphic by Bish

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