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Links to fishing stories, articles, fishing tips and tricks, fishing books, fishing quotes & sayings, on fly-fishing and saltwater fishing.

Some great fish artworks and fishing photos at FishArt

Ultra-realistic flies.

Two casts to increase your surfcasting distances.
The 'Off the Ground' cast to increase distance over the usual Overhead cast.
The 'Pendulum' cast for maximum distance. Please take careful note of the warnings about this cast, and become proficient in the "Off the Ground Cast" before trying the Pendulum cast.

A Primer on Czech Nymphing from Fish and Fly
Czech Nymphing from Sexy Loops

No scales - here's a formula for calculating a fish's weight from measurements

Building a better Baby-Bugger - the fly that is!

How to set up a fly-line and backing on a reel

Facts on Sharks from National Geographic

Specialist Surfcasting Tackle (NZ)

Permanent Site Links

MidCurrent - one of the top fly fishing in fresh and salt water sites around

Sexy Loops - irreverent but excellent articles, especially on casting

Flytiers Page - no need to guess what this is about

Fly-fishing in Saltwater - US centric site but good information on saltwater fly-fishing

Marlin Magazine - excellent big game fishing site

New Zealand Fishing Magazine - bit rough around the edges but good info

Saltwater Sportsman Magazine - another US site, but good info

The Opposition - P.E.T.A - Good to see what the lunatic fringe is up to

Fish and Game NZ - An official site and looks it

Coarse Fishing Super Site - everything you need to know and then some

Huge Database of Fish Species - what is that fish? Look here. says it all

Global Fly Fisher - a Danish site (in English) - some good stuff here

Fly Anglers Online - name says it.

Trout Nut - name says it.

Rainbow Bead Head Flies - worth  look before you hit the bench

Fly Fisherman Magazine -name says it.

On fly-fishing - name says it

Shoutfish - fly-fishing and Tying

Moldy Chum - On fishy things - Highly recommended, the strange side of fly fishing

Option 4 - for all New Zealanders - protect our fishing rights by visiting often

Article written by Tony Bishop

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Grip and Kill

Bad grip5

The way a trout is held when taking a photo, (aka 'Grip and grin'), can easily turn into 'grip and kill' if the fish is not handled carefully and correctly.
The area above the pectoral fins, (the fins just behind and below the gills) contains the fish's heart and other organs; too great a pressure applied to this area can lead to the death of the fish. Read about trout dying for a good photo here.

For the full story on releasing fish with best chance of survival read this.

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