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How to get started in salt-water fly-fishing.

If you think salt water fly-fishing is in the too hard basket, read how easy it can be to set yourself up for some great fly-fishing in the sea. It may be easier than you think.

Kahawai - a truly great sportfish.

Over the last two or three weeks, while dodging the incessant strong winds of November and December, and wishing some-one would remind the weather Gods it is supposed to be Summer, I have enjoyed some superb fishing on saltwater fly and light spinning gear chasing kahawai. Here are some thoughts on how to catch kahawai.
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Cubing For Snapper

Cubing (or chunking) for tuna is very effective, but the technique does not need to be confined to tuna. Snapper are suckers for a cube trail.

Is killing sharks sport?
Just who or what is the cold blooded killer?

Better Bait Basics
Fishing with bait is the most popular method of saltwater fishing in New Zealand. But buying a block of frozen fish deemed not fit for human consumption to use to attract fish that should be, is not going to optimise your chances of success...

Beating Backlash Blues
Backlashes are a real pain, especially when a hot bite is in progress. Fear not the cure is at hand.

Berley (Ground bait or chum) Basics
Trying to catch fish without a ground bait trail is like playing Lotto - you may just get lucky sometime. A good berley trail concentrates fish around your bait, and you win this version of Lotto much more regularly.

How to Achieve a Better Casting Technique

Hanging On In There
There are plenty of articles and books around on the subject of saltwater fly-fishing, but while these articles and books provide plenty of information on gear, leaders and flies, very few provide any detail on what to do when you actually hook a fish.

Jigging Tips
Catching fish on jigs can be a deadly technique, but only if you do it right.

A Bit Of A Blue
Out on the deep blue sea chasing marlin is a great place to find one of life's great characters. A bit of humour!

Boom Times
Drift fishing with a boom rig increases salt water catches. In deep and shallower waters.

Anchor Right
The follow-up to the article below on sounders. This article gives some advice on anchoring in the correct position once you have found fish.

Sounder Advice
How to get the maximum information from your sounder. If you just motor around till you find fish and do not study why the fish are where they are, you are not seeing all the information a sounder can reveal.

"Fush yer feet furrst"
Fish may be closer than you think. It is an old trout fishing saying, but it is equally applicable in saltwater.

When Close Enough Isn't
How to anchor in the right position when bait fishing. Finding fish is one thing; placing the boat in a position to maximise your chances of hooking-up is another.

The Lure of Lures
How many lures is enough? I would not like to hazard a guess at the number of lures I have bought over the years. So how many is enough?

All Dressed Up and Loaded
'Loading' a rod is the key to casting success. It is a simple thing to achieve, but it seems to be a simple thing to forget.

Fractured Logic
How the belief in 'the spot' hides fish. Try this; all fish live in water, so all water must have fish in it. Yeah, right. So how do you find fish in all that water?

There is Nothing Like a Feed of Fresh Fish
Correct care of the fish you keep to eat is essential if you are to enjoy the taste of truly fresh fish.

Distortion is the Truth
Why does line break? If you listen to fishermen you will come up with quite a few 'reasons', nearly all of them wide of the truth.

Does Noise Affect Fishing?
Is sound and noise a problem when fishing?

More Noise
More on the subject of noise and fishing.

Viva wet fly

Article written by Tony Bishop

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If you want fresh fish from catching to the table - chill out!

cooking fish

Keeping fish in top condition from the time you catch it till the time it is cooked is relatively easy, and oh, what a difference it makes to the taste.

It is a sad fact is that much of the fish served up by amateur fishermen is passed its used-by-date. By the time it reaches the table it is well on the way to being rotten. What a waste. But it does not have to be that way...

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Better Bait Basics
Catch More Fish

How to get the best bait to catch more fish.

bait fish

Fishing with bait is the most popular method of salt water fishing. But buying a block of frozen fish deemed not fit for human consumption to use to attract fish that should be, is not going to optimise your chances of success.

The days of whacking a hunk of any old bait on a hook and tossing it over the side and catching fish are long gone. Oh, sure you may luck out and park above a school of fish determined to take a trip to your fry pan - but not often.

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