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Bowing to trout? How bowing to a trout can reduce bust-offs, especially on fast-action rods.

Trout dying for a good photo? 'Grip and grin' can turn into 'grip and kill'.

Catching big brown trout in New Zealand - an obsession?

Swinging Wet Flies or Nymphs on Streams and Small Rivers

New Zealand High Country, High Tussock, Huge Hideous Fly - Perfect!

Tenkara Fly-Fishing System - Good and Bad

What does a fly-rod's 'action' mean?

Unexpectedly Great Fishing - Again

Tenkara, where old meets new.

Perfect cast for very tight places.

Foam Flies For Fabulous Fly Fishing

Imitation or Approximation When Fly Tying

Was the fishing really that good back then?

How to fish and tie Bead flies - the full story

What is the best time to go trout fishing?

Can Dogma Blind us to opportunity when Fishing?

What colours do trout see? How can we use this information?

How to fish and tie the deadly Booby Fly

14lb brown caught on a lumo fly - another myth busted

A log of a Fish in the fog? A little stream with big browns

Start slow, finish fast, stop dead for better casts

Do trout 'pluck' at flies? Some say not, are they right?

Unexpected fishing  - again, great fishing when least expected

Fishing a nymph where the river enters a lake?

How a salmon started me on a lifetime of fishing?

Temptation - a bit of humour and a bit of a lesson

Zorro and the fly fishing rod - a sad tale of a beautiful rod

Does a ten foot fly rod make you a better caster and angler?

Fly-rod ‘actions’ - what do they mean? All is revealed.

Catch and Release Dogma - Is it right for all situations?

How a Computer can enhance your memory of a fish?

Czech nymphing is highly effective and easy to learn

Sometimes when you least expect it, you find exceptional fishing

A famous fisherman's dirty little secret

The most expensive trout you will ever catch?

Get down to the bottom to catch Winter trout

Fishing in a goldfish bowl? A day when it felt like it

Lurking around the edges of lakes can produce great fly fishing

Landing a trout? You hook-up - and now what?

Spotting Trout - How to spot trout to increase your hook-ups

How to read the water to find more trout

Rough up your flies to catch more trout

There is more great fishing in New Zealand than just the South Island

How to find trout to fly-fish to after a flood or high water

Do big bright flies catch brown trout? The answer is a definite maybe.

Fish Used in Idioms to Brighten Up The English Language

The fascination of fishing with a float affects all fishermen

Buck fever can strike at any time when fish are in view

Fishing Cheats - The lengths they go to and how they do it

Competitions - is there a place for them any more?

The economics of recreational fishing - can we justify the price?

Fish the edges to catch more and bigger fish

Beneath the lies fishermen tell, is there some truth

Too often it is the little things that get you into trouble when fishing

Milly and Ted's big day out fishing - a bit of humour

Mud, Mothers and a big eel - the stuff of small legends

Oops - did I really forget to do that? Or was it pre-ordained

The world and a fisherman's place in it

Promising a feed of fish is the kiss of death to fishing success

To kill a shark - which is the most deadly predator here

How to sharpen a knife so filleting fish is easy and a safe experience

It's not what you catch, but what you learn that is important

Tying better, stronger knots is easy, with some practice

Feed a cat a fish a day? There may be a better way.

The only thing certain in fishing is that nothing is certain

'Fish your Feet' to catch more and bigger fish

How to break a rod - a guide born from experience

How to remove a hook from a human safely and painlessly

For better eating quality keep fresh caught fish cold - very cold

Fishing lessons learnt young last the longest

Is light tackle fishing really sporting or is it an outdated concept?

A long way from home in little boat in rough seas... a harsh lesson

Much Ado About Nothing - a writers occasional dilemma

My Oath - why does swearing infect fishing so deeply

Fishermen and Patience an inseparable pair?

The pressure on a fishing writer to produce by deadline

How to release fish for the maximum survival chance

Hooks - why are there so many styles and sizes?

Line twist - how it forms, how to avoid it and to get rid of it

Where are the fish - an ages old fisherman's enquiry

Just one more cast - the absolutely last cast - or is it?


Publishers Blurb and NZ Fisherman Review


What You Will and Won't Find in This Book

Fishing Regulations in New Zealand

Why is Trout Fishing so Popular

Finding Trout - find where they lie

Spotting Trout

What Do Trout Eat - 1

What Do Trout Eat - 2

What Makes a Trout Bite

The Priorities - Where are the fish, How to Fish to them , What lure or fly to use.

Fishing Rivers:

Fishing Lakes

Fishing at Night - Part 1 and Introduction

Learning to Cast - Basics:

Tying Knots

Hiring a Guide

Mentors & Revelations - Part 1

Mentors & Revelations - Part 2

To Kill a Trout or Not?

If you do decide to kill a trout do it the right way

On the Water Manners

The Last Cast

Other Stuff

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Grip and Kill

Bad grip5

The way a trout is held when taking a photo, (aka 'Grip and grin'), can easily turn into 'grip and kill' if the fish is not handled carefully and correctly.

The area above the pectoral fins, (the fins just behind and below the gills) contains the fish's heart and other organs; too great a pressure applied to this area can lead to the death of the fish.

Trout dying for a good photo?

Read more here.

For the full story on releasing fish with best chance of survival

read this too

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How to tie fishing knots properly & securely

fishing knot

It is my guess that more fish are lost to poorly tied knots, than from any other single factor.

There are many knots available to fishers, but no matter which knot you choose there is one factor that remains true. If you do not practice tying the chosen knot so that you can tie it easily and securely, you will lose fish to knots coming undone...

Read more here

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The Best Time to go Fishing for Trout?

Lake Taupo at sunset

Distil all the 'wisdom' down, and you are likely to come up with the following 'best times' to go fishing for trout:

  • Start before dawn and fish through till sunlight lights up the water.
  • Fish from dusk and through into the dark.
  • For big fish, fish in the dark, the darker the better.

The list of bad fishing times is longer, but the notion of bad may not necessarily be based on good evidence. In fact the notion of 'bad' fishing times usually means fishing times that are not included in the list of 'best' times.

Get the full story

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How to Release Fish with the Best Chance of Survival

Ban Treble Hooks

Don't be fooled, just unhooking a fish and throwing it back in the water is not going to ensure a fish will survive the catch and release.

Releasing fish correctly has become a very important factor in preserving fish stocks for the future, but it needs to be done correctly.

This article sets out 5 "release rules" that provide the maximum survivability for the fish. There is also a couple of extra 'rules' and links to more information.

Read it here.

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If you want fresh fish from catching to the table - chill out!

cooking fish

Keeping fish in top condition from the time you catch it till the time it is cooked is relatively easy, and oh, what a difference it makes to the taste.

It is a sad fact is that much of the fish served up by amateur fishermen is passed its used-by-date. By the time it reaches the table it is well on the way to being rotten. What a waste. But it does not have to be that way...

Read more here...

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How to remove a fishing hook from a human, painlessly and safely

Hook removal diagram

Using this hook removal method, there is one common factor - the almost complete, and surprising, lack of any pain.

This method avoids the problems and pain that can be caused by some of the newer videos on hook removal.

Read more here

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Maori Greenstone hook ornament

What you need to know about fishing hooks

Why so many hook types, sizes, and shapes?

You wander into the tackle shop to buy some hooks, and there in front of you is a huge array of sizes and variations. Confused? Don't be, help is at hand.

Read more here

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Maori Greenstone (NZ Jade) Hook Ornament