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How to Release Fish with the Maximum Chance of the Fish's Survival.

How much force does it really take to set a hook?
Probably a lot less than you think. Usually a great less than what you see on fishing videos.

How to Sharpen your Knives Properly

Using a sharp knife is the key to making fish preparation easier, and more satisfying. Attempting to fillet fish with a blunt knife is difficult, and dangerous.

Line Twist
Line twist is a curse, and the cause of much cursing, but often the twist problem is not recognised. Learn how to recognize it, avoid it, and best of all get rid of it.

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Nymphing the Rip?
Tips & Tricks for fresh water
Deadly new Bead Fly.
Gear up for monster rainbow time
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Cubing For Snapper
Tips & Tricks for salt water
Frequently asked questions.
Big yellowtail kingfish time.
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Viva wet fly

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How to Release Fish with the Best Chance of Survival

Ban Treble Hooks

Don't be fooled, just unhooking a fish and throwing it back in the water is not going to ensure a fish will survive the catch and release.

Releasing fish correctly has become a very important factor in preserving fish stocks for the future, but it needs to be done correctly.

This article sets out 5 "release rules" that provide the maximum survivability for the fish. There is also a couple of extra 'rules' and links to more information.

Read it here.

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