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'Fishing Even Smarter' - book on saltwater fishing by Bish

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Publisher's Blurb:

"Tony Bishop’s first book, 'Fishing Smarter' was first published way back in 1997, and has been reprinted around every other year since. Tony has now (Nov 2011) completely rewritten the original book and added over 50% more content.

Some changes are simply updates brought about by changes in the technology and equipment. Other changes are in the way the original ideas are presented. Tony admits to many “I wish I had written that better, or "clearer", feelings moments after his first book hit retailer’s shelves.

There is plenty of new material too – new stuff that pops up continually in the fishing world as fishermen share their knowledge. He has tried to separate the current ‘fads’ from the things that will have longer-term benefits in increasing catch rates, and separate marketing hype from the truly useful, (much easier now he is no longer in the tackle business!).

All the many illustrations are new,  drawn by Tony using computer graphics software.

Some things stay the same, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.

Main Theme of the book:

"If you are one of those who still believes that luck plays a major part in the success or otherwise of any fishing trip, I hope to persuade you that if you continue to believe in luck your catch numbers and sizes have very little chance of increasing.

Sure there are times and places where for no apparently good reason you can drop bait or a jig over the side and start catching fish. This is pure luck , but for me it is the exception that proves the rule. I also recognise that for many people this is all that fishing needs to be  – a day out in the boat, park-up for lunch, drop a line over the side, and maybe catch a fish or two, if they are lucky. So they get what they want, a good time with family and friends, and sometimes a fish or three as a bonus. If this is you, I am sorry, but you are reading the wrong book.

But if you want to catch more fish, more often, much more consistently, take as much luck as possible out of your fishing equation and replace it with knowledge of fish and their behaviour and you will make your own ‘luck’.

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