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Tips & Tricks to Catch More Fish

First Published 2000 by The Halcyon Press
ISBN 1-887256-04-8

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Publisher's Blurb

In life, as in fishing;" If we continue doing things the same way as we have always done them, we will always get the same results."

If anglers want to catch more or bigger fish than they are catching now, then something about the way they fish must change. This book seeks to explore the things that fishermen who catch more and bigger fish do, that make them more successful.

Tony Bishop has fished for over fifty years and written monthly fishing columns for over 12 years for the New Zealand Fisherman and the New Zealand Fishing News magazines.

His first saltwater fishing book 'Fishing Smarter' has been reprinted every year since it was first published in 1997. ('Fishing Even Smarter' was released October 2005)

Most of Tony's articles and stories have a recurrent theme; an exploration of the many factors that determine the difference between success and failure to catch fish.

He has appeared on numerous fishing programs on television, and hosted radio programs.

Tony started fishing as a youngster around Christchurch, and then around the mouth of the Waimakariri River, where his family lived. In his late teens the family moved to Auckland and the rocks and beaches of Auckland and north Auckland became his fishing grounds, before heading out off-shore.

Despite working in the hectic world of marketing and sales management and helping to raise three sons, Tony managed to fit in plenty of fishing, both around New Zealand and overseas.

Finally opting out of the corporate rat-race - he opened, owned and operated one of New Zealand's most well known tackle shops, Just Fishin', in Auckland, for ten years till 1996.

The books final publish was in 2005.

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