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Why Is Trout Fishing So Popular?

There are many theories that try and explain the fascination anglers have for trout fishing. Many of these theories centre on the almost mystical – man and his lure trying to tempt the wary and sly trout.

My view is much more simplistic. Trout fishing is so popular because in many cases trout – or signs of trout – are visible to the eye. In most other forms of fishing, especially in the sea, the quarry is most often hidden beneath the surface.

The fact that trout fishing is usually conducted in wonderful surroundings is a distinct bonus.

On lakes trout can be seen rising to snatch bugs or baitfish on and near the surface. Around the edges of lakes, fish can be seen chasing baitfish into the shallows. In many rivers and streams fish can be seen as they hold in the current. Other times their presence is betrayed by them rising to pluck flies and bugs from the surface, or snatch emerging nymphs from just under the surface. Sometimes fish can be seen ‘porpoising’ their way upstream.

It is this ‘evidence’ of the availability of fish for fishermen to attempt to catch that to me separates trout fishing from most other forms of fishing.

Another attraction is the fact that much of this sport actually combines two sports, hunting and fishing. The hunting part involves finding fish and often stalking it – the fishing part involves finding a way to hook the critter.

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