Five more fishing quotes and sayings Nov 11 2011

Here are five more fishing quotations: (numbers 149 – 1053)

“… the little white blink”

– G E  M Skues, the nymph master delightfully describing the opening and closing of a trout’s mouth when feeding on nymphs.

“Rainbow trout lie in fast water, brown trout in slow water, and fishermen lie almost anywhere, any time.”

– unknown; and probably just as well.

And three quotes that should stir the pot:

“Catch and release fishing may be cruelty masquerading as political correctness.”

– John Mcphee – The Founding Fish

“I fear that my old pastime (fishing) has become the blood-sport of urbanites and vegetarians, so refined that someone who actually eats fish is considered to be spooky and recidivist as a cannibal”

– Stephen J Bodio – Confessions of a Catfish Heretic

“Catch and release angling is becoming a religion. Although in some instances it is essential to the survival of the species sought, in others, its major effect is to cloak its more evangelical practitioners in a mantle of righteousness.”

– Kelso Bryant – New York times 

Posted by Tony Bishop