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Publishers Blurb and NZ Fisherman Review

Introduction to book

What You Will and Won't Find in This Book

Fishing Regulations in New Zealand

Why is Trout Fishing so Popular

Finding Trout - find where they lie

Riffle Lies

Run Lies

  • Join Lies
  • Offshoot and Backwater Lies
  • Head and Tail Lies

Pool and Lake Lies - Part 1

Pool and Lake Lies - Part 2

Prime Lies

  • Liar Lies
  • Easy Way to Find Lies

Spotting Trout

What Do Trout Eat - 1

What Do Trout Eat - 2

What Makes a Trout Bite

The Priorities - Where are the fish, How to Fish to them , What lure or fly to use.

Fishing Rivers:

Fishing Lakes

Night Fishing Introduction & Part 1

Learning to Cast - Basics
  I did not include anything on how to cast in the book, but have added this for beginning casters.

Tying Knots

Tackle Guide Introduction

Ouch! Removing a hook quickly and painlessly.

Hiring a Guide

Mentors & Revelations - Part 1
Mentors & Revelations - Part 2

To kill a trout or not - releasing trout the right way

If you do decide to kill a trout do it the right way

On the Water Manners

The Last Cast

Gold bead nymph

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