New fishing quotes and sayings – June 14, 2010

Herewith, without further ado 5 new quotes and sayings on fishy things – numbers 961 – 965

Two picks:

β€œThe time must come to all of us who live long, when memory is more than prospect. An angler who has reached this stage and reviews the pleasures of life will be grateful and glad that he has been an angler, for he will look back upon days radiant with happiness, peaks and peaks of enjoyment that are no less bright because they are lit in memory by the light of the setting sun.” number 964
– Lord Grey

I think that stage in my life is starting to loom up large at me, and at a sprint, no longer a slow stroll πŸ™

β€œA trout angler should always be asking questions, even in reading a book. The mistake of many is to blindly accept the opinions and writings of others. There is a tendency to become too stereo-typed in method and approach. This tendency is encouraged by writers who lay down hard and fast rules. In addition, many writers try to impress by complicating the essential practical points of trout fishing. Complicated theories … serve to confuse rather than impart knowledge.” number 963
– Tony Orman – Trout On A Nymph

I read New Zealand author Tony Orman’s book some years before I wrote my first book, and the quote really stuck in my mind, because it neatly encapsulated just what I had been thinking about fishing. I hope I lived up to the objective of keeping it simple in my writing, because fishing really is.

Posted by Tony Bishop