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From New Zealand and around the world, fly-fishing and saltwater fishing information. Fishing articles, stories, tips, books, and more. Plus 1320 fishing quotes and sayings, and more to come.

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Five new fishing quotations and sayings (5 April 2019): Total now 1320


Milly and Ted's big day out fishing - a bit of humour

Competitions in todays world? - Are fishing competitions something we should confine to the past?

How fishing dogma can blind us to fishing opportunites to increase catch rates.

Correctly remove a fishing hook from a human, quickly, easily and without pain, unlike the methods in new videos.

Very Famous Fisherman's Dirty Little Secret

Trout Dying To Get a Good Photo? Grip and grin, can all too often turn into grip and kill.

Bish on Fish in New Zealand Blog

Bish On Fish Blog
News, and views on fishing, and fishy things, from New Zealand and around the world.Subscribe to keep up-to-date with new stuff.

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'Fishing Smarter for Trout'
My first trout fishing book Fishing Smarter for Trout is now up on this site and free to read. Includes regular updates and new stuff.

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Tips to Catch More Fish
Find plenty of tips, tricks, how-to, and hints on catching more or bigger fish whether fly-fishing or saltwater fishing.

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Site Map
At long last I have found my round-to-it and produced a Site Map. I forgot how much the site grew over the last ten years.

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1320+ Quotes, Sayings and Aphorisms on fishing and things Fishy. Find quotes on everything to do with fishing. Subscribe to the blog for new quotes updates.

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Answers to Over 150 Fishing questions sent in by readers.
New page and information layout should make it much easier to search and find information.

Fishing Books By Tony Bishop (Bish)

Fishing Books by Bish
A list of published fishing books I wrote on fly-fishing and saltwater fishing. Includes reviews.

Maori Greenstone (NZ Jade) Hook Ornament